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1. What is your favorite song?

i think my favorite song is actually a made up song i created with my friends not sure what’s it called though 

2. What kind of impression do you have on people at school?

um i think they think im retarded but some people randomly bow at me b/c they know im a sadist and im their pres eheheheheheheh

3. What are your hobbies? ^^

i love reading novels and manga, watching anime, drawing hot boys, and i like to write stories but i always delete them afterwards bc i suck

4. What do you think of your followers?

they awesome and im so sorry that i scare you off sometimes 

5. What’s the meaning behind your URL?

usui takumi peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

6. favorite bubble tea flavor?

um idk

7. What is your favorite anime?

boku no pico ,etc

8. when you’re home alone, what kind of embarrassing things do you do? (please don’t say you don’t do it b/c we all do - I dance to Taylor Swift, just sayin’)

idk i think i just lay there on the floor and sing but i just run and sometimes i get beat up by my cat

9. What kind of taste thing do you prefer? (sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, salty)


10. I love you ;u; Do you love me? (please answer this correctly ~ yes, there is in fact a right answer buahaha)

r u sure you love me . but i love you. i love every1

My Questions:

1. what do u think of me?

2. fav anime 

3. whats r ur digits jk but it is greatly appreciated

4. do u hav a meow animal

5. meaning of ur url

6. ur name pls

7. do u think u r kawaii

8. do u think u r sugoi 

9. how u been

10. wat is ur ethnicity 

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